About Us

Historically known as the center of global fashion in the United States, New York has been home to A&K knitting Mills. Also known as Amerknit, A&K is a family owned business that has been around for 40 years. The decline of the industry, spurred on by cheaper overseas manufacturing and unfavorable trading policies, has transformed what was once the fashion capital. The tide is changing and many manufacturing companies are returning to the U.S. due to product quality concerns, protection of intellectual property, as well as component and transportation costs.

We understand that if you want to meet the customers needs, have more flexibility, improve delivery time, maintain high quality and optimize costs its better to stay closer to home. That is why we pride ourselves in producing the best quality goods from sweaters, custom bedding, throws and other apparel here in the USA.

Our manufacturing facility produces all goods from design to finish. With none of the stages of production being out-sourced, we are able to produce high quality goods at a lower cost, while still supporting our company and employees. Our design team is very creative and on top of all the new fashion trends around the world. Our business coincides with our family philosophy. In fact our business is our family! It is not just about making a living but uplifting our society, creating a work environment that benefits all, including the world we live in!

Our Founder

In 1969, Tony Kusturic, his wife and infant daughter came from Europe to the US with $50 in his pocket. It was a radical time, where equal rights protests were on the rise, the failures of the Vietnam war was dividing the country, Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy were assassinated and it was the beginning of the era of Peace and Love where over 400,000 young people went to experience the Woodstock music festival. To believe it was an easy task to make it in the US was an understatement but Tony was determined.

Working 3 jobs to support his family and believing in his values, Tony was able to accomplish the American dream!  Getting his hands dirty wasn’t a problem! He was a bus boy and dishwasher at the Ridgewood Diner and a janitor at the Bowery Savings Bank in NYC. Working any hours that were available, Tony sweated and saved. He was offered a position as a factory worker in a Ridgewood, Queens knitting mill. There he stocked yarn and packaged goods. Gradually, he observed and learned the skills to maintain and repair a variety of knitting machines. Furthermore he became a self-taught electrician and eventually began to pursue his desire of opening his own knitting mill. Only 10 years later after his arrival to the USA, in 1978, Tony opened A&K knitting mill in Ridgewood, Queens with only 3 employees. Multi-tasking to keep his costs down and with great ambition those 3 employees turned into 300 and a move to a larger facility in Long Island, New York.  Manufactured goods from A&K were distributed in Macy’s, JCPennies, as well as Disney and Ritz Carlton hotels to name a few. To this day you will still see him working next to his employees or with a broom in hand making sure everything is as tidy as it could be.